Will eating be the same with dentures?

This information is to inform patients of the process and some of the problems that can be encountered with immediate dentures.

If you are about to have full upper and lower immediate dentures fitted, be aware that the very best dentures will only allow you to have 25 per cent of the chewing power you had with all of your own teeth - that is a big change to get used to.

Another major change for someone who has never worn a denture is that  you will initially feel that you have a mouthful of plastic - and indeed you have. This will take some getting used to - the amount of time varies with each individual and can take three months or more.

Some patients never truley become comfortable with dentures, but put up with them as a poor second to their own teeth. A few patients will find that they are not able to ever become comfortable wearing a denture, paticularly a lower denture.