Dental Recalls

Dental Recalls


 By scheduling a regular dental visit should be based upon each person's oral hygiene, habits and medical conditions.

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, you still need to see the dentist regularly. Your dentist can check for problems that you may not see or feel.  Many dental problems don't become visable or cause pain until they are in more advance stages.  Examples include cavites, gum disease and oral cancer.  Regular visits allow your dentist to find early signs of disease.  Problems can be treated at a manageable stage. 

On average seeing a dentist twice a year works well for many people.  Some can get away with fewer visits.  Others may need more frequent visits.  People with very little risk of cavities or gum disease can do fine seeing their dentist just once a year.  People with a high risk of dental disease might need to visit every three or four months, or more.  This high risk group includes

  • Smokers
  • Pregant women
  • Diabetics
  • People with current gum disease
  • People with a weak immune response to bacterial infection
  • People who tend to get cavities or build up plaque

The schedule for any person may change during a lifetime.  In times of stress or illness, you may need to see the dentist more often than usual.  The dentist may help you to fight off a temporary infection or treat changes in your mouth.

If you take good care of your teeth and gums at home and your dentist dosen't find any cavities or gum disease for a few years, he or she may choose to lengthen the time between visits.  Ask your dentist the best schedule for your routine dental visits.


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The service and hospitality was brilliant

All the couple knew about the boy was that his name was Zac and he wanted to join the army when he turned 17.

They were surprised when they opened Wednesday's Herald to find the Opihi Services Academy student pictured training at the Bay.

"We just want to say a big thank you and we hope he does well in the army. He's the sort of person the army would benefit from," Mr Totton said.

The academy trains at-risk 16 and 17-year-olds for the armed services or further education.

The Tottons were also impressed with the service they received at the Timaru Hospital accident and emergency room and Timaru Dental Care. "We got seen to straight away. The service and hospitality was brilliant," Mrs Totton said.

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